Now I finally understand the heartfelt words of appreciation to editors in the acknowledgements of some of my favorite novelists.

Bill Issel, Professor of History Emeritus, San Francisco State University, author of WWII thrillers

I am extremely happy with the beta reading Andrei did for me. His mixture of general responses and specific comments was excellent, with useful suggestions for why a given area might not work. As he comes at beta reading from the combined perspective of both an avid reader and a writer himself, he was able to point not just to problems (or good parts) but also to identify some of the underlying craft issues that might be at stake. He was very good at communicating his own process, timely in his responses, and courteous and professional in all our communications. I highly recommend him for beta reading to anyone who might be looking for such a service.

Victoria Goddard, author of Stargazy Pie and other literary fantasy