He’s an extremely sharp pair of second eyes on a manuscript and I have confidence that he doesn’t sugarcoat his conclusions. Yes, a beta reader is only one reader out of many — but at the pre-publication stage, it’s very important to get a good reader’s take on a book.

Felix R. Savage, New York Times bestselling science fiction author

Andrei read my book Citizen Erased in January 2018. He’s very good at keeping correspondence with a client and had my book back to me with comments and a detailed report by our agreed deadline. Andrei is very good at spotting influences and talking about strengths but isn’t afraid to tell me when revisions are needed or something should just be cut – he’s an author but writes his reports from a reader point of view before letting the ‘inner editor’ take over. The book is now a lot more polished because of Andrei’s feedback.

Tommy Muncie, author of Carnathia’s Underground and The Talent Show